The PinterInk tattoo parlor had its debut at Tahi in 2009. The salon was reopened two years later at Dunakeszi, where I have been expecting my clientele since then. The salon is a creative workshop paying special attention to and focusing on merely the client and his needs. It is extremely important to me that those wearing my work are satisfied and have loving thoughts towards me. If you would like to decorate your skin with a carefully designed piece of tattoo art visit me and I will definitely make time for you and take the time to deeply understand what is it that you would like to wear for a lifetime. Do you know someone content wearing my tattoo? Do not hesitate, come and see me. Are you willing to have a tattoo? Take a look at my gallery and let my works convince you to come and see me.

My salon is enlisted in and I am a member of the Hungarian Tattoo Association.